We7 Music player discontinued

We are very sorry - the We7 app has been discontinued. It has become much more difficult to add albums to your We7 music player each album had to be added manually to the player... this was quite time consuming.

At We7, they have also changed their system, so that it encourages users to create an account after a few minutes of listening. Eventually, I believe that users will only be allowed to listen to songs with a registered account in addition to this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to add premium albums to your toolbar as We7 now only allow a few seconds preview to each song.

As a result of the We7 constraints, the app is discontinued.

However, all is not lost.. Grooveshark is on our toolbar Grooveshark is the most inclusive and fully-featured on-demand music service on the web. Listen to your favourite artists, discover music, and share tracks. Listen to any song instantly.

Grooveshark can be added to your browser by installing our toolbar, or by adding it to your browser via the toolbar marketplace.

Don't be disheartened!

  • We7 music player is discontinued


    Our We7 music player has been discontinued. There is an alternative!

Disappointed that our We7 music player has been discontinued? Check out our free Grooveshark app.