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Our radio player brings thousands of internet based radio stations directly into your browser. Listen to all your favourites. Browse for new stations by genre, or search.

Internet radio

Check out some of the stations that you can listen via our free toolbar on our Tuner page.

Internet Radio

  • Listen to Internet radio

    Listen to Internet radio

    Discover thousands of radio stations, worldwide.

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    Tune in while you surf

    Tune into internet radio and listen while you surf!

No special software is required for you to listen in to the radio stations within the toolbar - most computers come preloaded with Windows Media player - for Firefox users, the WMP plug-in may be required for you to listen in to the stations, if you haven't already got it.

To add new stations to your toolbar, click Add and Edit from the radio player menu. Search the built in database, or add a new streaming url to share with others. Try searching the database for Jazz, Country music, Rock, etc... there is something for everyone!