Introducing the Streaming Internet Radio toolbar

Our award winning toolbar is a freeware application for your browser. With our software, you can listen to free streaming music online. It's the legal way to listen.

Tune into online web radio, or access the latest in chart music - join the thousands that have entered the free music revolution - access the highest quality music!

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Download: Streaming Internet Radio toolbar

In brief:
Our radio player gives you easy access to thousands of internet radio stations - many of the radio stations we have listed broadcast in High Definition (HD) ... CD quality!

Grooveshark is a integral part of our toolbar, bringing to you a massive selection of free, legal chart music. Search for the MP3 music you want to listen to.

With our toolbar, search is also important. Search the web, find free MP3's. Search Facebook, Amazon, eBay and much more directly from your browser.

We also offer a large number of apps. For example, one of the most popular tools is our free Facebook app - this gives you the ability to take Facebook with you on your travels around the web. Comment on any webpage, receive status updates from your friends, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Download now! Review:
This freeware add-on makes it easy to access online media, including radio stations and news, and also has a wealth of tools for better browsing. Streaming Internet Radio toolbar, which adds to your toolbar suite, sports a simple design and allows you to easily choose which components are displayed. Like other toolbars, it has a built-in search option that will give you results from eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, and other sites. The pull-down menus offer quick access to the latest RSS feeds and top videos from YouTube and Google. You can customize the toolbar components and add shortcuts to programs like Microsoft Word and Windows tools like the registry editor. Tell us what you think - add your own review.

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Supported browsers

  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer

    Suitable for version, 6+. Most functionality is with IE.

  • Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox

    Suitable for version 2+, also on Mac and Linux (some features do not work on these operating systems).

  • Safari

    Apple Safari

    Suitable for Safari (only on Mac) version 4+ (some features do not work).

  • Google Chrome

    Google Chrome (Beta)

    Check out our Beta release for Google Chrome (some features do not work).

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